Past decade I dedicated myself and focused on working mostly with mobile apps. 


I built eCommerce, dating, travel, beauty & wellness, sports apps¹, you name it.

Most of the time, I worked as one-man army who did almost everything. Therefore, I missed collaboration. I felt that to continue growing as professional I need a new challenge.

Early 2017, I got lucky when Wix established mobile team in Vilnius office. I received an invitation to join and help redesigning the WixApp. I didn't need to think long to make a decision.

It was the most difficult, but at the same time most exciting task to this day. Listen to my talk about WixApp case study at Fresh Meetup².

After the launch I was responsible for growing communities not only on mobile, but also on web platforms³. My next baby that came into light was Wix Groups.

Late 2019, I took another challenge & became a Product Design Lead at Wix Pricing Plans & Members Area.

Pricing Plans grew exponentially & became strategic focus in Wix. It is a critical business tool during the Covid pandemic.


Meanwhile, Members Area is  added in one out of five websites built with Wix.

My latest gig is still in progress. We are building customisable Loyalty Program for Wix Restaurants & eCommerce.

The Era of Wix



¹ Before Wix I worked as full-time, part-time, freelance, in-house designer with various mobile apps. Just to name a few: Showaround, Senukai, Wahanda (now Treatwell), TravelBird, PriceOn, Trafi, SigningDay, etc.

² Fresh Meetup is a global community of designers and User Experience professionals created by the WIX UX Guild.

³ Wix has multiple web & mobile platforms with different design systems.