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I've been professionally designing websites since 2004. Those were the days when I was still living in the Sixteen Division district¹ on the west coast of Lithuania. And so was born.


Websites became my passion when Flash was still a thing². The era of web creativity, as I call it. I've always dreamt of winning The FWA of the Day.

Unfortunately, I never did but got a few other awards³ along the way.

After school, I moved to London where I had a dynamite opportunity to work with famous brands around the globe.

It was also my turning point - I entered the world of startups. I fell in love with building digital products. Especially mobile apps.

Story of 16div



¹ My neighborhood is known as 16th Rifle Division (or 16-oji 'Lietuviškoji' divizija in Lithuanian)

² I admired TokyoPlastic or Neostream, the greatest artists in web design history. Even today, I still get goosebumps seeing these masterpieces.

³ 6x times featured in Behance app & web design (old times), Best Portfolio Award at Login 2014, quite a few nominations in various CSS awards.

 Started working as a web designer at Dynamite Partners. Later, our agency transformed to Nudge Social Media (now Conversocial). We were the first developers preferred by Facebook, closely working with brands like CNN, BBC,, MasterCard, Britvic, THQ, Pathe, etc.

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